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Egg-citing Easter

When it comes to Easter Sunday, I like to cook a big brunch for friends. A brunch is a lot less stressful, more fun than lunch, you can have a drink and still have time to have the craic. The casserole is simple and delicious, corned beef is a great breakfast ingredient and the Pimm's is a great way to get the day going.

Breakfast Casserole bake

Serves 6


>Brown bread cut in 2.5cm cubes

>110ml olive oil

>Salt and pepper

>300g bacon, cut into 4cm pieces

>1 large onion, diced

>2 cans diced tomatoes, drained

>1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

>300g grated cheddar cheese

>2 scallions, chopped

>6 eggs


> Preheat the oven to 375°F/190°C. In a bowl toss bread and olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toast in a glass dish for 20 minutes.

> Cook bacon until browned. Set aside on a plate with paper towel to drain. >Keep some bacon fat in the pan.

> Add the onion and cook for 3-5 minutes, add tomatoes, red pepper flakes and cook for 3 more minutes.

> Return all ingredients to a large bowl along with cheese and scallions. >Toss until well combined.

>Transfer to oiled glass baking dish, cover with foil and bake for 25-30 minutes.

> Using a spatula or a measuring cup, press down six holes in the mixture, break and crack an egg into each indentation.

> Return to the oven and bake for a further 15 minutes.

> Scoop out with a spoon and serve immediately. This is great with hot chilli sauce.

CORNED BEEF breakfast

Serves 4-6


>4 tbsp olive oil

>2 tbsp butter

>2 onions, diced

>3 medium-sized potatoes, cut into cubes

>400g diced corned beef

>200ml chicken stock

>Salt and freshly ground pepper

>6 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

>8 large eggs


> Heat 1 tbsp of the oil and the butter over a medium high heat. Add onion and sauté for about 5 minutes.

> Add the potatoes and sauté for about 6-8 minutes.

> Stir in the corned beef and then deglaze the pan with the chicken stock.

> Season to taste and leave to cook gently for 7-10 minutes.

> Heat the remaining oil and butter in a frying pan over a gentle heat and carefully fry the eggs.

> Stir all but 1 tbsp of the parsley through the cooked hash and season.

> Divide the hash between four plates. Place two eggs on top of each one, scatter the parsley over and serve.

one gun pimm's cup

Serves 8


>2 oranges, cut into slices

>2 lemons, cut into slices

>1 long cucumber, sliced

>2 apples cut into chunks

>100g mixed berries

>475ml Pimm's No 1

>475ml ginger ale

>6 to 8 large sprigs fresh mint


> Fill 2 pitchers 1/4 full with ice. To each, add layers of the fruit.

>Pour the Pimm's and ginger ale into each pitcher and mix with a long-handled spool.

> Poke mint sprigs and leaves down into drink. Divide drink among 8 tall glasses, with a few slices of fruit and some mint leaves.