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'Eat properly while pregnant and you'll lose weight after baby's birth'

PREGNANT women shouldn't feel any pressure to get back in shape straight after birth, a fitness expert has claimed.

However, first-time mum Siobhan Byrne has warned that pregnancy is no excuse for over-eating.

The wife of personal trainer to the stars, Paul Byrne, and co-owner of BodyByrne, was back to her pre-pregnancy body two weeks after giving birth to daughter, Regan, less than a month ago.

Last week, top model Pippa O' Connor took part in a daring photo shoot less than two months after giving birth to son, Ollie.

Fitness fanatic Siobhan says this should not pressurise normal working mums into shedding the baby pounds straight away.

"I can't say enough to women: there shouldn't be any great pressure to be back in shape. Depending on the birth, some need more time to heal," Siobhan said.

"For every woman, it's different, but if you can keep up a bit of gym work it will go a long way," she said.

Siobhan feels there is a negative attitude about working out while pregnant and she says pregnancy is no excuse for eating what you want, when you want.



"Most women are going to put on some poundage when they are pregnant and some people will put on a lot.

"But what I would say is that it's not a nine-month all-out buffet of eat whatever you want, because you will put on weight that way.

"You really have to watch it for you and for your baby because you're giving your body a taste for sugar and salt and that kind of food."

Siobhan is back down to a healthy 10 stone and even shed some pounds during her pregnancy as a result of working out and a healthy diet. However, she pointed out that it was her high level of fitness and love of healthy eating that accelerated her quick bounce back to shape.

"You have to remember that the day before I had my daughter I was in the gym doing squats and biceps curls," explained Siobhan.

"It just goes to show that, if you watch yourself throughout your pregnancy, you'll be fine.

"If you have got a healthy pregnancy and your doctor is cool with it, working out is the best thing," added Siobhan, who is planning to release a new app about keeping fit while pregnant, which is due out later this year.