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"Things are evolving in a different way now. I don't think it's worse but it's probably not better either. Kids from 7-14 years can be a bit over confident. They have their own world and nobody else exists."

Marian Solovei Dublin 2 (from Romania)

"In Ireland children are very protected by the law. You can't scream at them or even say 'behave yourselves' and they know it. They know they can say or do what they want."

Lavinia Slodoneanu Lucan (from Bucharest)

"Irish children are louder. I've just come into town on a bus with a crowd of 12-year-old girls screaming all the way at the top of their lungs. I'd intervene if an older teenager was misbehaving."

Kaleigh Martell Clondalkin (from Canada)

I work with kids with pottery in Dundrum and I never have to deal with bad manners. You might think kids in a more upmarket area would be spoilt but that's not the case and I deal with all ages from toddlers to teens.

Amanda WIlliams Dublin 2

"I think is really a reflection of the home. Probably children have an expectation now that they will get things when they ask for them and that could affect manners, but it's the parents responsibility."

Yvonne Murphy Blessington

"We had more fear of our elders than kids have now plus they get a lot more these days. But I do think too that its good to be able to stand up for yourself."

Orla Boland Ringsend

"I think kids today wouldn't have as much respect for older people. They get a lot of attitude from US TV. They are not afraid of people in authority but that's not necessarily a bad thing."

Mary Walsh Dublin 2

"I think exposure to TV, the internet and social media plays a part. Kids copy what they see. It's up to the parent to deal with that and pull them up if they're rude."

grainne edwards Moate

"Its down to both the parents and the schools. If children come from a background where there is a bad attitude they will be cheeky. If they are treated with respect growing up they will give respect. "

Lauren Fagan Finglas

"I have lived all over Europe. There is a lot of difference between children in Ireland and children in southern Italy. They get a better education here and that impacts on their manners. You can see the difference. In poorer areas of other countries they are a lot less respectful."

Daianna Caon Dublin 8 (from Italy)

DyrbergKern Dania