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Drinking with big movie stars doesn't make you one, Ronan


Glass act: Ronan and Storm arrive at Arnotts in their shades. Photo: Collins

Glass act: Ronan and Storm arrive at Arnotts in their shades. Photo: Collins

Glass act: Ronan and Storm arrive at Arnotts in their shades. Photo: Collins

SHOWBIZ royalty landed in Dublin last week. The visit was all too fleeting, but we're all the better for having experienced it and can only look forward to its promised return at a future date.

No, I'm not talking about Russell Crowe's wet-his-whistle-stop visit to the capital, wherein the temperamental thespian managed to pop into three different bars during a two-hour visit.

I'm talking about the couple who shared a pint of Guinness with him in Kehoes, and were then photographed beside him on the red carpet outside the Savoy. Our very own Brad and Angelina – Ronan Keating and Storm Uechritz.


Unlikely as it may sound, Crowe claims to be friends with Ronan. In fact, the New Zealand-born star almost cast Keating in a movie of his earlier this year, praising the Boyzoner thus: "I think he's got some chops, particularly as he gets older."

At least I think that's a compliment.

Sadly, Ronan didn't make the cut as, just as enigmatically, Crowe revealed that "we had to use a bunch of people from Turkey".

It's probably just as well, of course, because an acting job would have distracted the couple from their full-time profession, which is tweeting about their favourite bars, restaurants and hotels on their cringe-inducing joint twitter account, @roandstormy.

In between plugging the ingredients of their fabulous lifestyle, however, the glamorous couple had flown in for a photo call for the Marie Keating charity. And having lived in Australia and London in recent times, they are apparently now house-hunting in Dublin as Ronan seeks to return to his roots.

Papped while arriving at Arnotts on Friday, the couple were both sporting dark sunglasses as they emerged from a van with blacked-out windows.

The weather outside was cool and damp, without a hint of sunshine, so presumably the sunglasses were something that they were wearing when they left sunny Australia and simply forgot to take off.

Because the other explanation for the inappropriate eyewear is that they've seen pictures of rock stars doing exactly the same and think that wearing sunglasses makes them look cool and famous, when in fact they're not.

Just like being photographed beside a famous Hollywood actor might make them look like they're famous, when in fact they're not.

And of course, it couldn't be that.