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Don't risk injury in run up to race day

We are approaching the last four weeks of our great adventure of fun and fitness and, as race day beckons, the excitement begins to mount. This is not the time to get carried away and risk injury by overdoing the work load. Continue to stay out for the time allocated in the schedules and remember that they are constructed so that you will complete the course at your own speed.

There will be many of you who like to run faster because you feel strong at the end of each session. If you are one of these, my one concession to the speed area of training would be to run the last 5/10 minutes of your run at a faster pace. If you are able for this type of increase it will ensure that your cadence and fluency of movement will improve all round and so make your running action that bit easier at a faster stride pattern. The increase in speed should come with a warning tag – if muscles are sore and stiff afterwards return to your normal pace for a few days.



There are many ways of increasing your race pace such as fartlek, interval training and tempo runs, to name but a few, and if you feel you are ready for this step up, my advice is to join a local club or meet & train group, which has an experienced coach, who will guide you to a gradual increase of tempo.

In the meantime, keep focused on the schedules as laid out and remember your objective is to get to the finish line on June 3 and receive your well-earned medal, as most of the hard work has been done already.

For full training schedules: www.florawomens minimarathon.ie