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Don't forget the second-home tax

This week is the last one to pay your NPPR (Non-Principal Private Residence) charge -- that's the 'second-home' tax of €200.

Penalties of €20 per month apply from July 1, so it's important you don't forget it if you have a let property, a holiday home or some other unit apart from your main residence.

Although the scheme has been a great success (from the Government's point of view), many of the second homes only came to light when owners registered for the controversial household charge (which currently stands at €100).

It seems that some second home owners didn't realise they were liable for both and charges have been racking up.

Just to be clear: if you own any property (unless it's in an exempt ghost estate) you must pay €100 household charge.

If you separately own a property you don't live in, you must also pay the NPPR charge on top of that.