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Don't flap, plastic surgery is the quick fix

Problem upper arms, or bingo wings, can be caused by weight loss, ageing or a combination of both, and can be tackled in one of three ways, depending on the severity of the problem.

Both Vaser Lipo and Liposculpture are fat removal procedures that break down and remove fat deposits through special tubes inserted in carefully placed incisions to create the desired slimmer, smooth contour.

Vaser Lipo is the latest development in fat removal and uses ultrasonic technology to break down fat deposits before they're removed, so it can be done under local anaesthetic with minimal recovery time. Guide price from ¤2,750.

Liposculpture is carried out under general anaesthetic and usually requires a longer recovery time. Guide price from €4,000.

For more pronounced 'bingo wings', where loose or saggy excess skin is also a problem, arm lift surgery may be more appropriate.

Known as brachioplasty, your surgeon will carry out an in-depth consultation and explain all aspects of the procedure, from risks and recovery time, to expected results and alternatives.

Under general anaesthetic, the excess skin is removed from under the arm. Liposuction could also be used at this stage to reshape the arm to the desired shape.

The operation requires an overnight stay, and although the improvement in shape will be immediately evident, it will be necessary to wear certain dressings for a time. A couple of weeks recovering can be expected, and avoiding lifting or driving for up to a month is advised.

Scarring can take up to a year to fade but the surgeon will work to make this as inconspicuous as possible. Guide price from €5,500, or up to €6,500 with Lipo and depending on the size of the area.

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