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'Don't expect to walk into a job in your field'

Orla Ormond (25) is a radio producer from Dublin who moved to Toronto in August 2012.

I had been doing freelance work in a few radio stations in Ireland, but was struggling to find enough to support myself.

A lot of my friends had gone away, and things were getting a bit lonely so when my boyfriend suggested going to Toronto, I thought why not? Coming from Dublin to a city like this, there wasn't any kind of culture shock, which made the adjustment a lot easier. The main issue I encountered was landlords and some employers wanting to do a credit check. As I had just arrived in the country, it obviously wasn't something I could provide but I ended up finding someone who was willing to make an exception.

Toronto is an expensive city, but there is also a very high standard of living here.

While things are better than Ireland economically, they aren't brilliant so don't expect to walk into a job in your field. It's worth finding something temporary to tide you over while you search for something more permanent.

I'm working in a cafe while looking into radio jobs and making connections. It's worth sending a few emails before arriving to start the process, and to try to get to know the different parts of the city so you have a sense of what's what when you arrive.