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Doing the housework will be like playing video games

Homes in the future will function like playing a computer game, according to gadget queen Suzi Perry.

Speaking at the Ideal Home Show in London, The Gadget Show presenter said appliances will increasingly work by sensory control, which processes the human body's movements as commands for different actions.

The technology is currently used by Microsoft's Xbox console with Kinect, where players move through games using their bodies rather than a traditional controller.

Perry said: "In the home of the future gadgets will not only be more integrated but there will be a 'technology first 'approach.

"Technology like Xbox Kinect, which automates movement, will control the whole system. The human body becomes the controller."

Washing machines, music players and cookers could all be controlled by a sweep of the arm or head, as shown at a purpose-built 'House of the Future', which Perry demonstrated at the exhibition.

She added that the Apple iPad tablet, the third edition of which also launched today, was the only piece of technology needed on the move and at home.

"From being one of those people who said they didn't understand why you'd get one, it now meets all my daily digital needs."