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Ditch your rubbish at the garage for just €6

DUBLINERS will soon have a new pay-as-you go bin service.

For €6 a load – the equivalent of two black refuse bags – people will be able to dispose of their rubbish in petrol station forecourts.

And the operator says the service will help ease the city's illegal dumping scourge.

It has already reduced the problem in one of the country's toughest housing estates, Moyross, in Limerick, the company says.

It comes as Dublin city councillors prepare for a crucial meeting aimed at coming up with solutions to the dumping problem.

Having decided against allowing rubbish to pile up in the worst-affected areas, the council must now decide on a new approach.

In an email to councillors, waste company BIGBin said it operates at 22 locations throughout Ireland, including Southhill and Moyross in Limerick.


"Limerick city (council) are confident that the BIGbin helps to reduce the amount of unrecorded waste (which might normally be burned, left on the street or dumped illegally) in these areas," the company said.

It operates by installing large, free-standing domestic waste compactors in petrol station forecourts. Householders bring their rubbish to the nearest depot and deposit the refuse sacks at a cost of €6. The machine compacts the waste and, when it is full, BIGbin organises for it to be emptied.

"We are about to enter the Dublin market. Our first two locations are Tesco Clarehall, and Applegreen Tallaght," the company told councillors.

"Please note we are open to any suggestions of locations in Dublin city where our service may be needed," it added.

The operator already has bins in Cork, Kerry, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Limerick.