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Diet and targeted exercises are crucial if you want toned arms



While the hips and the legs are the number one most requested body part to work on, whether it be reduce or increase, a close second is the triceps which is commonly referred to as ‘bingo wings’.

That’s when the back of the arm wobbles when you wave your hand. If the over all arm is soft and spongy it’s more than likely the triceps will be loose and soft and unfortunately this area is very prone to accumulating cellulite or fat deposits, which is basically the same thing.

Fat is fat! In order to firm up the arms a drastic change in the diet is essential. No training on its own will give you the result you desire.

Training has to be combined with a change of eating habits. For example too much sugary food and too much alcohol and fast food will give the body a very soft look causing the arms to be soft and wobbly.

Clients often ask to concentrate on firming their arms with the exclusion of everything else. We try and discourage this because an over all body workout combined with cardio is best.

Within 6 weeks you can begin to notice good tone and condition starting to appear as fat decreases and muscle begins to show. I’m not talking about big arms with bulging muscles, but the opposite.

A well-toned arm that looks good when relaxed looks more pleasing to the eye. You can’t go around all day flexing your arms, when the triceps are toned it gives a diamond or a horseshoe shape look. Giving you a V-shape to the back of the arm as you straighten it. This shape is the perfect look for the tricep, toned and firm.

These exercises, which are shown, will work on all sides of the triceps, giving symmetry rather then bulk. On the other hand if you want to increase your arm size try lowering the reps and increasing the weights and sets. Maybe with 10-8 and 6 reps with as much weight as you can while strictly performing the movement. To decrease size use two approximately 2.5 kg with 3 sets of 20 reps. This will tone and firm the arm and you will start to notice the body becoming firmer as you workesch body part.

All the equipment you need is two dumbbells or two water bottles or even two cans of beans. It’s that simple. Don’t complicate this easy programme. Perform each movement slowly with strict form and just watch your arms getting firmer.

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1 Triceps Kick backs:

 Leaning forward make sure your back is flat and straight. Tuck the elbow tight by your side holding the DB. Press the DB out behind until the arm is straight, not allowing the elbow to move from your side. Repeat each side.


2 Seated Bench Press:

Sitting on the edge of a bench bring your elbows up by your head holding the DB behind your head, pointing the elbows forward. Press the DB straight up to the roof and slowly back down.


3 Lying Dumbbell (DB) extension:

Lying on the floor hold your elbows above your shoulders. Starting with the DB on your shoulders. Keeping your elbows steady push the weights up to the roof slowly then lower them back to the starting position.

4 Lying DB cross over:

Lying on the floor hold one elbow above the shoulder, bring the DB to the opposite shoulder across the chest. Support the elbow with the opposite hand and press the DB to the roof slowly then back to starting position.