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Dear Rosanna: My boyfriend's business partner is a blonde stunner

Q MY boyfriend needs investment for his business, and the other night announced we were meeting his new business partner for a drink.

I nearly fell off the chair when she walked in, as she is beautiful and blonde, and looks like she would look great in a bikini.

She has no background in business, and yet thinks she has found a perfect investment for some money she has inherited, which puts a big smile on my boyfriend's face. I'm feeling uneasy about this woman.

ARather than focus on this woman's appearance, I would urge you to concentrate on what she can offer your boyfriend's business.

It's very unlikely that she will be a threat to your relationship, but if she knows very little about business then you must have a serious talk with your boyfriend to let him know that you're not entirely happy with how it's panning out.

Make sure that you don't come across as a jealous girlfriend as he'll presume that you view this woman as a threat. Rather explain to him that her involvement could potentially lead to trouble for him as she has little experience and hadn't done her research.

You must get him to look beyond getting his hands on the investment money and realise that this is probably not a good idea. Above all, trust your gut instinct.

Q An ex-boyfriend who is living with his new girlfriend has just had a baby girl and become a father for the first time. I got a shock when I heard the baby's name as it is the same as mine and I have a pretty unusual name and have never met anyone else with it.

We split up three years ago and he tried to get back with me for ages, but I just wasn't interested, and I do everything I can to avoid him. I'm weirded out that he has done this, and feel he is still invading my life.

A I appreciate that it must have been bit of a shock for you, but rather than let it evoke negative feelings or bad memories, I would encourage you to view it as a compliment.

I'm sure he has moved on from you by now but he obviously loved your name and sees this as a tribute to you. It's not hurting anybody and hopefully his little girl will grow up to appreciate having such an unusual name.

Maybe one day he'll tell her about the person behind her name and your paths may cross again. So my advice is to embrace it and take it as a compliment.

Q I lost my job in retail five months ago and things got so financially tough I had to move back with my parents. It's not where I want to be at the age of 28. My mum keeps reminding me that she had her own business and was married with two babies when she was my age.

She keeps checking to see how many jobs I have applied for. She has even asked to see my CV, and has told me to change things. I'm thinking of doing a course in retail management to improve my chances of getting work, but my mum says I need to get a job and a life pronto. Why can't she see I'm trying?

A I can understand how difficult it must be for you to relinquish much of your independence. But it must be viewed as a temporary arrangement until you can rebuild your finances. While your mother is understandably concerned that you haven't yet found yourself a job yet, it's wrong of her to compare her situation at your age to yours now as everybody is so different.

As you're a grown woman who is well capable of making your own decisions, I would advise you explain to her that your appreciate her concern but she should stop fussing over you, as you have it all under control and you're doing your best. Her interference simply doesn't help. Good luck with your job hunt.