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Could having a baby save LiLo

WE were taken in for a while, but now 26-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan says her tweet about being pregnant was nothing more than an April Fools' Day joke.




The provocative comment got her six million Twitter followers wondering if this was the latest twist in the roller coaster life of the Hollywood party girl.

The Mean Girls star has been romantically linked to guitarist Avi Snow of the band City of the Sun.

And who didn't for a second think, gosh, would it be such a bad thing if LiLo was pregnant after all?

Would becoming a mum be the thing to tame the talented star who in recent years has gone off the rails?

Last month Lohan was back in court where she was sentenced to 90 days in drug rehab for a reckless-driving rap. She has until May to tell the court where she will be going into rehab.

Of course, some people will also be thinking what a terrible thing it would be for a baby to come into the world to a mum who doesn't seem to have put her wild child antics behind her yet.



It could go either way over time, yet for examples of how having a baby can totally transform a woman from a party animal into a devoted and blissfully happy yummy mummy, we need to look no further than the likes of Peaches Geldof and Nicole Richie.

There's no denying that Peaches (24) has morphed into a radiantly elegant and stylish young woman since giving birth to her baby son Astala last year.

Her blossoming has been a bit like watching a busy bee which just might sting anyone in its path transform into a beautiful and friendly butterfly. Astala celebrates his first birthday this month, and Peaches is already pregnant with her second baby – due later this summer.

It follows years of Peaches gaining the kind of attention which could only make any young woman feel uncomfortable.

Her precocious talent saw her work as a writer, TV presenter and lingerie model. It was alleged she was dropped from modelling for Ultimo lingerie after nude pictures of her and accusations of drug use were posted on the internet.

Geldof vehemently denied the claims and reportedly said, "I am disappointed that Ultimo has decided not to extend my contract based on a wildly exaggerated account of a night in Los Angeles five months ago."



Former wild child and socialite Nicole Richie (31) is another example of a talented young woman who seemed to have got caught up in wild and destructive partying ways.

For a while there, the beauty and Paris Hilton's one-time best friend looked the wors for wear and as if her lifestyle was seriously harming her health, both mental and physical.

Like Peaches, she is now in a stable relationship and is mum to two young children, Harlow (5) and Sparrow (4), and has never looked better.

She also appears more driven, and has started her own fashion accessories business.

So can having a baby be the making of a young woman who might be having a hard time settling down as an adult, and be having the type of good time which is detrimental to her health and happiness?

Niamh Hannon is a Dublin-based psychologist (www.mindworks.ie) and an experienced facilitator of parenting courses. She's also given parenting advice on radio and in magazine columns.

She says: "Can a baby make a woman's life? Every mother and baby relationship is individual, but a baby can certainly give purpose to a woman's life, and give her a focus if she is missing one. Also, a baby brings unconditional love into the lives of people around it, so for any woman who has been seeking love, a baby can be a tremendous source of love and affection.

"Having a baby also releases a lot of loving energy in a woman. If she has been hurt in the past, and this energy has been cut off in some way, and if feelings of love have been blocked off for some reason or other, they can begin to flow again when a woman has a baby.

"If a woman, or indeed a man, comes from a family situation where there has been turmoil or problems, then there might be a great feeling of achievement about having created a family unit for themselves.

"There can also be pride in having a baby and taking care of it. While finding herself in a committed and supportive relationship, and creating a family with a man she loves, can be a terrific source of strength for any woman."

So indeed, love in all its forms – including motherhood and romantic – may well explain the reason Peaches Geldof has a happy glow, not to mention Nicole Richie's rosy radiance.

The question is, would motherhood be equally transformative and positive for Lindsay Lohan, should the stork ever deliver to the troubled star?