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come fly with me?

The reason that most of us mere mortals would pause for thought before buying a cape, never mind actually wearing one is because of the indubitable association they have with super heroes.

Having said that, when you see a galaxy of stars - from either end of the alphabet of importance - road testing it at various red carpet over a sustained period of time, then there will be an inevitable filtering down of the trend to we regular folk.


Whatever one thinks about the dress version, and it its mental association with drink fueled dinner parties in the 70s on the backs of overweight women with big hair, I quite like the shorter, hip length cape jackets that have a bit of sass to them - 
provided the designers go easy on the bat wings.

There are good quality versions on sale in The House Of Ireland in various colours - by quality I mean these are car coats that will see you through more than one 
winter (€199).

For something less classic and durable but perhaps more of the moment then check out boohoo.com.