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Christy’s girl Kiera is back on song ... and on stage after her ‘difficult’ birth

She gave birth to her third child only seven weeks ago, but Kiera Dignam reckons she is more than capable of juggling night feeds with a string of gigs.

The singer and daughter of Aslan legend Christy Dignam (pictured) has been back working on her music for two weeks now and is a regular performer at private venues 
and parties, as well as recording in the studio.

And the 27-year-old told the

“I am just enjoying my family and my music because life is so short,” said Kiera.

“After Jake was born he was in neonatal intensive care for three days as there were complications because he didn’t have the same blood group as me.

“The anti-bodies in me rejected his blood so they kept him in the Rotunda Hospital and then when, I got to take him home, 
I had to go back because my scar 

“The doctor told me that if it had 
happened in my sleep I lost so much blood that I probably would have died.

“You don’t realise how lucky you are to be alive when something like that happens.”

While Kiera admitted it feels “weird” to be back working at her music so soon after Jake’s arrival, she said she missed it too much and is now in the final stages of setting up her new band.

Currently working under the title of her own name, Kiera said she wants the group to reflect a modern sound, as well as being able to belt out the classics at functions.

But the mum of three wont need her band when she lines out at a gig on June 28, where she is due to be accompanied by her rocker dad, Christy.

Kiera said she is hugely excited about performing with her dad after a turbulent year saw him gravely ill as he battled cancer.


“It’s not an option for him to be out 
gigging full-time at the moment, but when he comes along to a gig with me, it is impossible for him to just sit there because he is hounded by people.

“I’ll start off and in between the performance he will come on and do his acoustic stuff like Crazy World.”

Kiera and her family are looking 
forward to lining out for Christy (inset above) when he takes to the stage with Aslan at the Olympia Theatre on May 30 and 31.

It will be the band’s first time to perform together in over a year.