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Cheaper iPhone to boost sales of the 5C

Apple has launched a cheaper version of its existing iPhone 5C smartphone, cutting €47.76 from the retail price.

The new version of the 5C comes with an 8GB memory – half that of the previous cheapest model – and is priced at €512.23, available directly from Apple's online store.

The iPhone 5C was launched last year but its sales have struggled to match those of the iPhone 5S, the more expensive and powerful Apple smartphone, which is available in gold.

Aside from less storage space, there appears to be no difference from the iPhone 5C's 16GB older brother.

It is unclear whether the phones will be available in Irish shops, as well as directly from Apple online.

Apple sold a company-record 51 million iPhones in the final quarter of last year, but the 5C has so far proved to be the least popular of this generation of smartphones.

The California-based company is also expected to add a new iPhone to its smartphone line later this year.

Meanwhile the company also has plans to release a fourth-generation iPad with retina display, which has reportedly been shipped to shops ahead the announcement.