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Celia's tips for older women ...

> You have to get your mind right before you start looking at your appearance, so start by building up your self-esteem. Look on all of the things you've done in your life, and consider them to be building blocks. And then set yourself little goals to achieve and build confidence.

> Gaining knowledge as a woman is powerful and it gives you confidence.

> We all have parts of our body that we're not in love with, so learn how to deal with them. If it's the arms, hide them nicely with sleeves or wraps, and if it's the legs, wear longer skirts. And then get over it, don't let it be an issue in your life.

> Don't take things too seriously as it's nice to be relaxed about yourself.

> Women going through the menopause can lose confidence, but it's just part of our amazing journey as women. We come out fantastic on the other side of it, so try to be strong and positive.

> If you're unsure of what suits you, try on different styles and find the ones that work for you. It's worth investing the time, even if it takes a few weeks.

> Be individual and adventurous when it comes to clothes. Don't be stuck in a rut. I tend to go classy, because I don't want to look ridiculous, but I always put my own little twist to it.

> I'm a great one for posture. I've been telling people for 40 years to stand with their shoulders back, tummy and backside tucked in.