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Celebrity health check - Nicha maguire, MasterChef finalist 2012

DO you have any ailments/health concerns?

My knee will give me hassle if I go for a jog. So at the moment I can only go for walks.

How would you rate your energy levels?

I have enough energy to do day-to-day tasks and still have enough energy to exercise as well.

Do you get your five a day?

I wouldn't get my five a day every single day. But, I definitely make the effort to try to do it.

How would you rate your stress levels?

With a business and three children, I am a worrier. I go for walks and I find cooking therapeutic. My husband is very good to talk with as well.

How's your sleep?

Sleep is important to me. I like to get seven hours sleep each night.

Do you take vitamins/supplements?

No, I believe I get enough from my diet.

Do you exercise?

I will walk three to five times a week, around 5km each. I'm training for the Flora Women's Mini Marathon.

Do you cook from scratch?

Most of the time. It's healthier and I know exactly what's in my meals.

How many alcoholic beverages would you consume in a week?

I might have a glass of wine with my Sunday dinner. Drinking doesn't suit me.

What would you find hard to give up?

I would find it hard to give up my white rice and spicy foods.

Do you have any health goals?

I want to lose a few more pounds and maintain it. The only way to do it is exercise and diet.

Rate My Diet...

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Two slices of multi-seed bread with Flora Buttery and tea with milk.

Lunch: Ham sandwich – brown bread with Flora Buttery, tomato, avocado, lettuce, relish and light mayo.

Dinner: Pan-fried cod with spinach, sweet potato and leek cream sauce.

Snacks: Crackers and cheese

Beverages: Water and tea

Elsa's Verdict

Nicha, I would recommend that you include some protein with your breakfast, which will keep you fuller for longer and will also keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable throughout the morning. A boiled/poached egg would be an ideal accompaniment to your multi-seed bread. You also mention trying to lose weight, so I'd recommend swapping your bread at lunch for a lighter alternative such as oat cakes or McVitie's Lunchtime Flatbreads.

Nicha has teamed up with Flora ahead of the Women's Mini Marathon and is calling on participants to submit their own recipes for a new Flora Cookbook – www. facebook.com/Flora WomensMiniMarathon.