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Casting calls for kids

Children can start from as young as a few months old, but there is very little demand for babies in Ireland.

The majority of casting calls would be for children from between the ages of seven and 15

It depends on the job, but generally a casting director will be looking for confident children who interact well with adults and who they feel will be easy to work with on set. When there is dialogue involved, it's important that they have a certain amount of acting ability, that they can listen and take direction well.

 It can be very tough on the kids if they are not cast after being short-listed for a role. So it's important that they don't get too disheartened and that they keep looking forward to the next one.

Rates will vary depending on the type of work and their age. For a TV commercial, they should expect to earn somewhere between €1,700 to €3,000. This would be a usage fee payable to screen the commercial for up to one year, but if the commercial is screened beyond this period (and they often are), the same fee would be payable again for year two and three and so on. There would also be additional fees for screening the commercial in cinemas and online.

A typical shoot fee for film/ television would range between €250 and €350 per day plus a chaperone fee of €100 to €150 per day.

For more information, visit www.youngartistsmanagement.com or call 01 617 7918