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'Canopi covers your arms to give you more confidence'

Women come into the shop all the time and try on clothes and say 'I'd love to wear this but I hate showing my arms'.

When most of us hit a certain age we develop wobbly bits that we'd rather not show the world.

We try everything from dieting to standing a certain way and not moving and covering ourselves in false tan but, at the end of the day, we're still very conscious that our arms are not as toned as they once were.

I researched the kinds of cover-up for upper arms available on the market, and came up with the idea of developing lightweight sleeves to go under clothes, and which will help a woman disguise her arms if she feels self-conscious, wearing a little black dress or a sun dress or a sleeveless top.

With Canopi, a woman can wear just about any sleeveless garment she wishes to. Canopi clips onto a bra, and is secure, and comes in microfibre for daywear and micro mesh for the evenings, and in the colours black, white and green. There are already advance orders for it, so the demand is clearly there.

Boutiques such as Diffusion in Clontarf will also be stocking Canopi as an add-on, so if a woman tries on a garment and would like some extra arm coverage, she has that choice with Canopi. I feel more confident when I'm wearing it when I have a sleeveless garment on, and I know I'm not alone.

It has taken 18 months for the whole process of designing, manufacturing, packaging and finding a distributor. I have manufactured 3,000 for this week's launch, as I think in any business it's important to walk before you can run.

Canopi costs €39.95.

For more information log onto www.canopi.ie