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Cancer: the facts

Naomi Fitzgibbon is the cancer information services manager for the ICS. She gives us some of the facts about breast cancer in Ireland today.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Ireland, after non-melanoma skin cancer.

Women have a 1-in-10 chance of developing it during the course of their lifetime.

Latest data shows that 2,724 people were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

80.6pc of all women diagnosed with breast cancer across all age groups survive for five years or longer.

In the past decade, cancer survival rates in Ireland have increased by 30pc. Early detection is the key to survival.

Most women (70pc) with breast cancer discover a change in their breast themselves.

Women are most at risk of breast cancer as they get older as 75pc of breast cancer patients are over 50. However, the disease can strike younger women too.

Between 5-10pc of breast cancers may be hereditary. This occurs when a faulty gene is passed on from either parent.