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Can crying at wotk ever be good?

Should you ever cry at work?

Andrea Redmond (23), Templeogue

Well, it depends on the situation, like maybe if you were being bullied. I think that it's important to keep it professional in work and keep a lid on your emotions.

Triona Gaynor (36), Santry

Before, I would have been a firm believer in no but I'm changing my opinion.

I think that it's important to show your feelings at work.

Sarah Ella Dowling (23), Dundrum

I think that it depends on the situation. It's better to be professional at work. However, if you receive bad news at work, then it would be okay to cry.

Sasha de Marigny (26), Howth

I would like to say no but I've definitely done it. However, I work with a kick-ass team of females. The last time I cried, my manager bought me cupcakes!

Ellen Kenny (26), Dublin 8

I think that you can do yourself a disservice if you cry over a trivial matter. But if it's something that's emotionally upsetting, like a death in the family, then that's okay.