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Calum, the stupidest son, bar none

Alcohol kills people. It killed Calum Best's father -- the late, great George Best. The footballer was a chronic alcoholic, who eventually had to have a liver transplant as a result of all the abuse.

Eventually, in 2005, after years of drinking, George Best died.

His son Calum has to be one of the most idiotic, dumb people that I have witnessed in a long time.

I remember hearing him in a documentary talk about the sadness he felt for his father. It seemed that George and he never had the relationship the son wanted, and how could they when alcohol was Best Snr's first love?

But I see that Calum has decided to, now wait for this, open up a chain of bars named after his father -- called Bestie's Bar.

It's like bringing out a brand of cigarettes after your father has died of lung cancer. It's like opening up a sweet shop after your dad died as a result of diabetes. It is bizarre, no, it's insane.

Calum Best is best known for being a contestant on reality shows. He was seen on TV's Celebrity Salon. As a result, he hooked up with model Georgia Salpa, left, and their short-term relationship ended with a bang, when he was found to be having "a bit on the side".

That, in fairness, is the world of stupid celebrity shenanigans. I really don't care.

But when I hear that this man has refused to take a paternity test for a child that a woman had (after having sex with him), you wonder does this guy have a grain of intelligence?

He said in an interview that he was coming to terms with this notion of being a father, but hasn't had any contact with the woman.

George Best's sister Barbara set up a foundation as a result of her brother's problem with alcohol, raising money for local football and research into kidney failure and alcoholism. No wonder Georgie left all his money to her, and only a wristwatch to his son.

Otherwise we would see history repeating itself, no doubt, and Calum throwing all the money back into bars again.