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bust and back workout

One area that is a concern for most ladies is the softness at the top of the bust reaching out to the armpit.

This can give a very bulgy look to the top of the armpit. With the effect of very soft tissue hanging loosely at the top of a dress or a t-shirt

The bust, like any other muscle needs to be exercised to maintain firmness and to keep tone in the muscles below the neck line.

When this part of the muscle is toned it can prevent sagging in the breasts, particularly when worked in conjunction with exercises for posture, pulling the shoulders back and getting your neck and head in an upright position.

Observe how most people walk, head forward and rounded shoulders.

Exaggerating the body going forward, making the bust, shoulders and tummy sag. It is really essential to remain upright with good posture.

The back is the largest muscle group in the upper body and therefore ideal for fat accumulating - normally the top of the back or just beneath the shoulders.

This fat occurs in both men and women but for the ladies sleeveless or tight tops highlight it. In addition to working these areas, you must also be mindful of what you eat, diet accounts for around 70pc.

These freestyle exercises are very effective and there is no need for fancy equipment. Yet they will give great results, keep reps up to 20 for three set. Work hard and you will see the results.

>Pat Henry