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Boys or girls: Who's more difficult?

SUPERMODEL Eva Herzigova gave birth to her third son last week while Peaches Geldof has just welcomed her second little boy into the world. As the mother of three boys myself, I think those women's little men will have a wonderful time growing up together, but not everyone agrees.

Over the years I have been on the receiving end of gasps of horror when people (always other mothers) realise that I have three sons. They seem to imagine that I live in a world filled with noise, dirt, rude behaviour and aggression – a tiresome stereotype.

The reality is completely different and while they can be just as lively as the next child, I pride myself on the many compliments I have received over the years about how polite and well-mannered my sons are.

Society, it seems, expects boys to behave a certain way but I strongly believe it is more down to personality and upbringing rather than gender.

Sue Jameson, of Cuidiu (the National Childbirth Trust), agrees: "I wouldn't advocate a gender-based approach to parenting.

"All children are individual and being attentive to their needs as individuals is probably a better way to go."

With this in mind, I asked a mother of girls and a mother of boys for their opinions...