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Bikram yoga

Director of Bikram Yoga, Harold's Cross

Do you go to the gym or classes?

Bikram Yoga classes five times per week.

Do you take vitamins or supplements?

No, but I sprinkle chia seeds on my porridge, they are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Have you ever been in hospital?

Lots of times when I was younger: fractured fingers from basketball, lots of stitches from soccer and running, and most recently to have my daughter Jennifer.

What was your worst illness?

I spent several days in bed recuperating from having my four wisdom teeth out. I used arnica but it was still difficult to eat.

What is your favourite cure?

Coconut water (not the milk). It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, almost identical to blood plasma and very hydrating. When drunk on an empty stomach for seven days it can dissolve and pass kidney stones. When mixed with olive oil it can kill intestinal parasites.

Would you get your five a day?

Yes, on average. Today was pretty good, sprouts, cabbage, a banana, rhubarb and mango.

Ever dieted?

No, but I avoid sugar and stick to alkaline foods, avocados, grains, ginger . . .

How many hours sleep do you get a night?

I need nine, I am the antichrist on any less. I use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil -- you smear the essential oils onto your face before you go to bed and you sleep like a baby.

Do you have any health goals?

A vegan diet, I haven't eaten meat since I was 14, but cheese is my biggest hurdle. I also want to juice more.

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?

I don't smoke, but have on the very odd occasion when I was younger.

Any family ailments?

My father died relatively young from a brain haemorrhage and my aunt from a heart attack. But I do think that what we do to our bodies on a day-to-day basis determines whether genes express themselves or not.

Any vices?

Chocolate, cheese, cheese, chocolate.

What is your favourite leisure activity?

I am lucky in that what I do for a living is yoga. I also cycle my daughter to school and walk our dog Ty, who always looks as though he needs more exercise.

For more information visit www.bikramyoga.ie