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Being a mum isn't getting any easier, reveals Pippa now that son has hit 'terrible twos'


Pippa and Ollie

Pippa and Ollie

Pippa and Ollie

Model Pippa O'Connor has revealed she's facing new challenges every day as a mother now that her son Ollie has hit the "terrible twos".

The mum-of-one (30) said that the toddler, who just turned two last month, is becoming more and more independent and isn't afraid to throw a tantrum.

"He's his own little independent man now - if he doesn't want to do something it's a big 'no'," she told the Diary.

"The terrible twos have definitely hit."

The model mum, who is married to TV presenter Brian Ormond, admitted that she is surprised at how quickly her son is growing up.

"There has been a massive difference even in the last two or three months, he's a proper little boy now with his own mind," she said.

"When we're at home in our own environment, he's independent and likes to do his own thing, but he's not boisterous.

"He's quite shy though and he would hate going into a room full of people."

Speaking at the launch of Bepanthen's First Moments campaign last week, Pippa said that while she's loving being a mum, it's not getting any easier as Ollie is getting older.

"[Becoming a mum] is a really exciting and challenging time," she said.


"I think the first moments of whatever phase you're in don't stop, they go on and on.

"The first moments [of motherhood] when you're handed the baby in the hospital is so overwhelming and I just worried about everything.

"For me anyway, things aren't getting any easier.

"Everything is stressful all the time, just in different ways. But you learn to cope."

Recently crowned Ireland's Most Stylish Woman at the VIP Style Awards, the blogger is rushed off her feet juggling motherhood with running her fashion website.

With her career rapidly on the rise, the Kildare native recently admitted that she's not quite ready to have another child.

She's preparing to launch her beauty range with US brand Blank Canvas this summer and is also busy eyeing up new business opportunities, so although Pippa would love to have another baby it's the last thing on her mind at the moment.

"I'm not thinking of it right now, but I would love to in a while," she said. "I'm so busy and it's nice to concentrate on (other projects) for now."