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BBC listeners switch off 'dull' Tubridy

RYAN Tubridy is struggling to please listeners on his BBC radio show.

The RTE presenter has stepped in for regular host Chris Evans at BBC Radio 2, but his style is not quite hitting the mark.

The national broadcaster confirmed that Ryan took time out of his commitments in Ireland to front the BBC show for the remainder of the week.

He has been replaced by comedian Des Bishop for the duration.

The BBC Radio 2 show has a loyal listenership and host Chris Evans is a particularly popular presenter.

Ryan (39) has so far proved to be popular with executives at the Beeb.

And although many listeners were happy to tune into the Dubliner, several were not that impressed with his presenting style.

"Love that cheerful Irish voice in the morning! I think Chris needs to adopt a new accent when he comes back!" one said.

But many were not so complimentary in their assessment of Tubridy.

"Haven't even smiled once this morning thanks to Radio2, let alone laugh -- am usually giggling to bits," one listener said on Facebook.

"I too am switching over to Radio 4 -- can't be as dull as this.

"He's like a wet towel damping the fire of life. In short Ryan -- sorry mate, you're dull," added another.