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Baggy jumpers don't hide stomach sins

THE return of the jumper dress is proof that all fashion is cyclical

EVEN if you don't see it around for years it will come back to haunt you. I bought into this trend just five years ago and I also remember it being 'big' during my college years -- but at no stage was it easy to wear. Despite the fact that it looks like it would hide a multitude of sins, the jumper dress in fact goes out of its way to cling to every single lump and bump -- so this offering from Heatons (€25) is for skinny days only.

all for a good cause

Tommy Hilfiger have launched their sixth Limited Edition Bag for Breast Health International featuring Anglo-French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, photographed in Chateau Marmont by actress, screenwriter and producer Drew Barrymore.

The bag will be sold exclusively in the Grafton Street store this month, and at tommy.com.

This year's offering is a navy leather tote with white accents and red handles. Inspired by the Tommy Hilfiger brand's classic American cool heritage, the colour-blocked design is a key trend for autumn 2012.

It retails at €299, with €100 of each sale going directly to Fund for Living, a global BHI initiative that provides assistance to women with breast cancer and their families by covering costs or addressing unique problems associated with their care that may not be covered by traditional health insurance programmes.

panda eyes cream

A lightweight, hydrating eye cream that is clinically proven to visibly lighten dark circles by 30pc in 12 weeks -- sound too good to be true? Well if you go online you'll see from reviews of Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector from Clinique (€38) that this works for some people and less so for others. But the Even Better range does blaze a trail and, happily, I saw the difference after my trial period. It's not a magic fix and there are genetic pre-dispositions which cause things such as undereye circles so there is no one 'fix all'. On the plus side, most of us do use a separate eye cream so even if you see no additional benefits this will help keep the delicate eye area hydrated.