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'Baby Zekey helped me cope with my mum's death' - Jodi Albert


Kian and Jody with Zekey

Kian and Jody with Zekey

Kian and Jody with Zekey

More children could be on the cards for Kian Egan and Jodi Albert as they finally release pictures of two-month-old baby Zekey.

The loved-up couple are already parents to three-year-old Koa and welcomed their second son on May 21 - the same day as her late mum Eileen's birthday.

Jodie (32) said baby Zekey has helped her cope with the grief of losing her mum to cancer in February.

"It absolutely breaks my heart that [mum] will never meet him, so the fact he was born on her birthday is extra special as it means she's a part of him," she said.

She added that they couldn't believe how much he looks like her mum. "We both cried our eyes out as we couldn't believe what a miracle it was. I mean, Koa was blond and blue eyed," she said.

"I felt like the broken heart that I had from my mum was closing a little bit because he was here," she added.

The former Wonderland singer is still recovering from the caesarean, which Kian said was "quite scary" to watch, but said they would love to have more children in the future.

"It's hard to think about right now but Kian is from a big family of seven, so ideally we'd like three or four," she told OK! magazine.

"The Irish have big families. We'd love a girl, but so long as they were happy and healthy, that's all that really matters."


While they want to add a girl to their growing family, Jodi said she's now "obsessed" with little boys.

"I never dreamt before Koa of being a mum to little boys, but now I'm obsessed with boys - they're such cool little dudes," she said. "I thought Koa needed a companion - Zekey even wore one of Koa's babygros in the hospital."