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Baby showers: It's a last chance for a catch-up

SINEAD Gyves is married to Sean and together they have two children – Abbie, who is six, and Harry, who is still a baby at 30 weeks old. She had a surprise baby shower a few weeks before her baby was born and believes it is a lovely ceremony that is fast becoming part and parcel of becoming a mother.

"I had my baby shower last September and it was a complete surprise which my sister, my husband and my friends organised without telling me.

"It wasn't a really big thing or anything, just some food, drinks and a get-together. Sean sorted out the finger food and there were sausages, chicken pieces, sandwiches, different sauces and a selection of dips. We also had some muffins (baby-themed, of course) and drinks.

"My friends made some banners, blew up balloons and had the place looking fabulous.

"We didn't really play any games but we all had a great chat and a catch-up, as many of my friends have babies now and finding time to get together can be hard as everyone has busy schedules.


"It was great to see everyone and the lovely gifts I got were an added bonus. I would definitely recommend some sort of 'shower' for expectant mothers, especially if they are pregnant for the first time.

"I think if you're having a baby you should try to experience every aspect you can and a baby shower is becoming part and parcel of it."