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'At the end of the day, it was my wedding'

Newlyweds Sam Boyd and Hannah Mullan agreed before their wedding that they didn't want any children there except two nieces, who were flower girls.

"We both think weddings are adult events," Hannah explained, "I never went to any of my cousins' weddings when I was a kid and when you think that the average Irish wedding serves a lot of alcohol, we just don't think it's an appropriate place for children."

Hannah "spent ages wording the invitations" to make absolutely sure there was no misunderstanding. "We explained we would be very appreciative if guests would organise child care for the day. If there was any difficulties doing so then children were welcome to the ceremony and early part of the day, but we were firm on the evening being an adult-only event." She included personal notes to guests with small babies to say they were welcome and included the names of the hotel babysitters for those travelling to the event. "I think because we were so specific on the invitation there weren't really any objections. We didn't want to offend anyone but, at the end of the day, it was my wedding."