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Are we destined to regret tattoos?

Rachel Noonan, 21, Oranmore, Galway:

n "I believe so, yes. I'd avoid it. I think your opinion changes too quickly to have something that permanent, generally."

Gary Skinner, 17, Terenure, Dublin:

n "I am not too sure. I don't have a tattoo, but it depends on what you get - if you get a bad one I suppose you would regret it."

Jodie Jameson, 14, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin:

n "I think it's wrong if you're drunk and the tattoo man lets you get a tattoo - he's doing it just for the money, and then when you wake, you'll regret it. I think there should be some law to stop that."

Rosie O'Regan, 18, Cavan:

n "I think so. I would never get a tattoo 'cause I think they look horrible when you're old."

Courtney Byrne, 18, Cavan:

n "People are so changeable that it's not realistic to think you'll like the same thing 20 years on. I think it's inevitable that in the end you'll regret it."

Connor Curley, 20, Monaghan:

n "I don't think so. Tattoos, after a while, become a part of you."

Aisling Fogarty, 27, Castlecomer, Kilkenny:

n "No, not at all I think - if tattoos are meaningful you won't regret them. So choose wisely."

Kim Doyle, 29, Ringsend, Dublin:

n "I'd say certain tattoos are destined to be regretted, ones that are easy to cover, less so."