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Are posh dress codes for dinosaurs?

Clare Quinn (31) Portmarnock:

n "It depends where you're going really. It's fun dressing up, but if Lewis Hamilton hadn't been refused just because he's famous then that would have been ridiculous."

Briana O'Doherty (23) Tallaght:

n "I think dress codes are dated, we should all be allowed to be who we are and feel comfortable. That brings the best out in all of us and allows us to be the best we can be. What difference does a shirt make really?"

Helena Maginn (22) Knocklyon:

n "It depends on the situation, where you are or where you're going and if you need to dress yourself up or not."

Emma Dale (29), Dublin 1:

n "Dress appropriately, but still keep to your own style. Put your own twist on it."

Manini Linuza (23) Drumcondra:

n "It's nice to dress up and it's okay to conform to certain dress codes. It's like a respect thing. You can still be fashionable and bring your own funk too."

Amy Cartwright (26) Raheny:

n "I think it's dated. Be yourself and do what you want. You can't express yourself if you're told to stick to a shirt and tie."

Sharon Wattson (32) Castleknock:

n "Wimbledon has been going long enough now that Lewis Hamilton should have known the dress code, especially in the Royal Box. You need to dress for where you're going."

Melissa Houston (38) Dublin 1:

n "You have to know your place, dress for the occasion. Be smart if you're going to a fancy place."

Mary Jane Webberly (31) Portmarnock:

n "I can see how people can think it is old fashioned but I think it can be nice to dress up."