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Angela left red-faced after TV dress gaff


Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

Wardrobe malfunctions are nothing new and now presenter Angela Scanlon has revealed how she was embarrassed when she flashed her underwear while filming at the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Meath native was filming travel show Getaways in San Francisco when she had to resort to unusual methods to hold her dress down in the wind.

"I once wore a cotton dress with a bang of maternity off it; loose and fluid and exactly what one would want to wear in San Francisco," she explained.

"Except we were filming on a boat below the Golden Gate Bridge and it was windy. Very windy.


"After multiple embarrassing takes, flashing of knickers and some amused looks from fellow passengers, I had to borrow a giant elastic from the sound man and they cropped my arse out in the edit," she added.

The flame-haired presenter, who has previously fronted shows like Oi! Ginger and Full Frontal on RTE2, admits that dressing for the small screen can be really tricky.

"Dressing for TV is fun. But it's also hard. You are free to 'be yourself' just so long as 'yourself' fits with the show and the time-slot and the channel," she told style website Debrief.

While she has a killer fashion sense, Angela (30) admits that having to dress glamorously makes her nervous.

"I don't do bodycon dresses, I rarely unleash my cleavage, I never knowingly expose my back," she said.