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WITH the explosion in media and major shifts in consumer behaviour, the way advertisers tackle marketing communications must change, a senior ad agency planner has said.

Speaking at an Association of Advertisers in Ireland breakfast, Irish International's Leo Moore (below) said ads will only work by "doing things for and with consumers".

Ads need to be interactive, social, transparent and playful. Advertisers can no longer rely on influencing consumers by just "saying things to people".

For years, ads worked by 'interrupting' TV viewers and newspaper readers. But with consumers taking more control, a new approach is needed.

Moore said advertising must be reinvented as a way of creating ideas which solve business problems differently. Advertisers need to adopt "a noble purpose", to connect with consumers. Brands today are seen more for what they do, rather than what they say. Ads must show the positive influence brands have on people's lives.

Adland needs ideas to advertise -- not advertising ideas. With a move from downloading to uploading content, consumers must be enticed to input their own ad ideas.

If consumers are to be convinced as to why they should like brands, advertisers must understand what 'turns them on' and use creative ideas.

Quoting Clay Shirky of New York University, Moore said a revolution doesn't happen when a society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviours.