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A whole new way of shooting Ireland

BELFAST-born photographer Chris Hill has launched an eBook with designer Colin McCadden, Ireland – In A New Light.

It's the first in the team's new venture, eBooksIreland, a new platform for aspiring writers and photographers.

We talked to Chris about the breadth of the project captured in a digital book.

How did you and Colin develop this project?

I was first commissioned by Colin over 20 years ago when he had his graphic design practice.

One project of his was to produce a series of posters for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

The idea for covering the whole of Ireland was born then.

Planning, sourcing sites to photograph, and me deciding to buy a camper van started the ball rolling. Our wives eventually got used to us taking off for three to 10 days at a time.

How have you been coping with the new digital age?

After concerns this new technology would ruin photography, I embraced it with open arms.

Discovering that we could produce an interactive book with my photographs has been exciting.

Electronic, or e-publishing has also allowed us to bypass the massive production costs associated with printed books.

Do you think this is the future of photography?

I do. There will always be purists of the art, and so there should be, but digital is where we are at.

Who knows what is ahead, but we must embrace the digital age, and respect it.

Ireland – In A New Light Chris Hill and Colin McCadden eBooksIreland (2014) €11.39 to download