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A shoulder-to-toes body scrub is a must for pre-self tanning

LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

9.95 HHHII

Refreshingly blue in colour, this gives good scrub - but the big drawback is the pot. It is dead fiddly in the shower, and even when I did my best not to let it slip through my fingers, it got all over the bath. It gets a fourth star when you use it on your dry self, but that technique won't suit sensitive skins.

CLINIQUE Sparkle Skin Body 
Exfoliating Cream


Another tub! This scrub has a creamy base, as it says, which makes it easier to handle. I am still not crazy about the packaging, but the contents were top class, and I felt silky smooth afterwards - exactly what you want.

Sugar Scrub

€19.95 HHHHH

You'd think I was driving myself demented on purpose: here is another tub. Plus: 
sugar-based, which is generally a mess waiting to be made. Nevertheless, this is perfect: it's got a jelly-ish consistency that binds the sugar, making it easy to scrub all over without wasting a bit of it. You can get this at Brazilia in South William Street - it's worth the trip!

DERMALOGICA Exfoliating Body Scrub

€34.20 HHHHI

A SQUEEZY tube is yer only man. I deftly dispense the tiniest dab onto my shower pouffe, and get a seriously comprehensive scrub down. It foams up a tiny bit, and is loaded with essential oils. Its scent is not the most pleasing, in my opinion, but I come back to this one time and time again, and it never fails.


€5.99 HHHHI

Another tube, hallelujah. This is not pricey, it smells delish, and it works really, really well. If you are tough stuff yourself, as am I, using this on dry skin is the bomb - I've never felt so clean. If you need a little TLC, using it under the shower is good, too - do take care, because this stuff really is tough. The 200mls is a truly generous portion, and it is an Irish brand. Win!

It is tempting to cut corners, but don't: those dead skins cells must be gotten rid of if you want your bronzing to look natural. I've found a bunch of scrubs that will do the biz.