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A real estate

OK, rant time. I've been left with no option but to compile a list of the terrible 10 issues I have with many of the cars I drive.

Most of these cars are perfectly fine on the outside and under the bonnet, but it's when you truly get under the skin you tend to find that many have their individual auto idiosyncrasies. So here are the 10 most pain-in-the-bottom blemishes in the motoring sector.

1 Cars without iPhone compatibility: You wouldn't build a car without seats, stop building cars without plugs for smart phones.

2 Dimmed dashboards: I drive and would encourage the rest of you to drive with the headlights on. Some cars dip the dashboard when you put the lights on, meaning you cannot see anything.

3 Car keys which won't allow you to pop the boot, even though it has an 'open trunk' button. A problem that is surprisingly common in some of the better brands out there.

4 Complicated car stereos. Only a handful of car makers have come up with a truly manageable radio, and something which can cause fury, rage and near death to drivers who need noise.

5 Silent indicators. What sort of auto engineer comes up with a flashing indicator light, with no sound? A surprising amount.

6 Hidden petrol cap poppers. Obviously bored car designers love playing tricks with us, given that I have stood in petrol stations for hours looking for some buttons to release fuel lids, often to find them hidden in glove boxes, under the seat.

7 No coffee cup holders. Why cannot every car have a sympathetic view for those of us who love to drink and drive? How hard is it to attach a circular piece of plastic to a central console?

8 Car stereos with no AM wavelength. Many people like to listen to the BBC while trying to avoid Derek Mooney, but very few cars have acceptable AM and LW reception.

9 Air con that doesn't work. Surprisingly common feature in which cool air comes out warm, and warm air comes out cold...you know who you are.

10 Uncomfortable driver's seats. Still a number of manufacturers bring out inadequate seats that cause RSI and tear lumps out of your back. How hard is to get a bit of sponge right?

So there you have it, the top 10 most irritating problems that car manufacturers need to eradicate immediately, or next time I will start naming names.

One car which I am very glad to say doesn't have any of the above problems is the Renault Megane GT.

This is the second time I've had the pleasure of driving this super sports estate, and do you know what, I would buy one.

It looks terrific, in an aggressive and sporty way, it is automatic, it is fast and it is extremely comfortable and roomy.

Prices for Mégane start from only €18,990 with the GT Line starting at €24,190.