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A mini undertaking for all the family

Jenni Murphy (29) from Rathfarnham is an experienced runner. She is participating in this year's Mini Marathon for Aware

'My job can be extremely stressful and hectic on a daily basis, which is one of the main reasons why I love to run. Running clears my brain, it gives me time to think by myself, or not think at all if needs be and just get lost in my music and the pace.

"I've taken part in the Mini Marathon for the last 10 years and this year I will be running it for Aware. They are an amazing charity who provide people with depression and their loved ones, support and guidance.

"My mum and my two little sisters, Sue and Katie, are running the Mini Marathon with me this year and we are all training together. My mum is actually my inspiration, this will be her 27th year running the race.

"Training has been hard over winter with the dark and cold weather but we have begun to pick it back up now that the evenings are getting longer.

"My boyfriend Anthony is a personal trainer so he is helping us all with our fitness levels and our nutrition. Last year, I ran the Mini Marathon in 52 minutes but my goal is to beat that this year!

"The main reason I have chosen Aware as my charity is that unfortunately in the last two years, my boyfriend, friends, family and myself have all known someone who has sadly lost their long battle with depression, often completely unexpectedly. I think depression is a very misunderstood disease. As it has no physical symptoms, people find it hard to comprehend.

"I have raised funds for Aware before, I ran the Aware 10k Christmas Dash in December in the Phoenix Park and raised over €500. Despite it being minus two degrees and a very early weekend start in the dark, it was really worth it to know that I might have helped.

"I love taking part in the Mini Marathon. It's such a great feeling to know you are part of such a big movement that is trying to help other people. It's always great fun at the start of the race, meeting and talking to so many women.

"The crowds of people that come out to support you are absolutely amazing and really spur you on to not give up when you hit 'the wall'.

"The firemen in Donnybrook are always a nice sight too!"

More than 450,000 people in Ireland experience depression at any one time, that's about one in 10 of the population. For every one person who experiences the illness directly, as many as five others -- family, friends etc, will be impacted upon. Aware provides support for people with depression, bipolar disorder, postnatal depression or suicidal thoughts. If you would like to run for Aware, please go to www.aware.ie