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A Dublin family has welcomed a very special addition to their clan -- a fifth generation.

GREAT-great grandparents welcome birth of baby Carter

Little Carter John Doyle was born last month weighing 7lbs14oz, to the delight of his proud great-great-grandparents.

Grandmother Carol Donnelly told the Herald this is the second time in their family history to have members of five generations alive.

"It's happened twice within my family. When I was born 37 years ago on December 7, 1973, I made the fifth generation of the family.

"And now my grandson has come along and made the fifth generation.

"It's a big, big family. My mother is the eldest of 10 brothers and sisters so we've a huge extended family. She has a lot of grand kids.

"It's very exciting for us."

Carter's great-great grandparents Carmel and Michael Weafer are both in their early 80s, while his great grandparents John and Marian Ryan are both in their fifties.

Carol and Ray Donnelly are first-time grandparents, and their son Jason (18) and Megan Plunkett (17) are settling into life as new parents.

"Both parents are quite young but they've really taken to [parenting] and they're so comfortable with him.

"He's the centre of attention on both sides. Megan's mum is very hands-on and I've been told that I must be one of the youngest grannies in Ringsend."

In the younger generations of the family, there is now one great-great grandchild, 23 great grandchildren, and 32 grandchildren.

"My nanny (great-great grandmother Carmel) is as fit as a fiddle. She looks amazing and she does all of her own shopping and gets her hair done," added Carol.