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35,000 to get student grants

STUDENT grants to more than 35,000 successful applicants should be awarded before the end of the year, according to the Department of Education.

A third of the 60,000 student grant applications received by a new online SUSI system have been processed.

Of the remaining applications, no response has been received from students to requests for supporting documentation in over 16,000 cases and in an additional 17,500 cases, the documentation provided by students was incorrect or incomplete and has had to be processed a number of times.

HMV staff told to hide tattoos

STAFF at HMV stores are now banned from showing "extensive body art", wearing flip-flops and shorts, and having long hair unless it's tied up under a new dress code.

The music retailer's updated "appearance policy" begins tomorrow and allows only "discreet" tattoos and piercings on show.

Open-toed shoes are also out, while male staff must wear blue denim jeans with female workers in denim skirts, says the company, which has 15 stores in the Republic.

Perfect guests for Halloween

Mary Scary, Mr Spooky and Frank N Stein are among weird, wacky and even scary names unearthed by a family history website.

Ancestry.co.uk said a study of names on its site going back hundreds of years, ranging from school registers and marriage records to phone books, revealed some unusual entries.

Names of interest included Norfolk woman Mary Scary born in 1843, butcher Fran Pire, who left New York for Southampton in 1926 and a First World War soldier called Will Fright.

Pope names 6 new cardinals

Pope Benedict XVI has named six new cardinals, adding prelates from Lebanon, the Philippines, Nigeria, Colombia, India and the United States to the ranks of cardinals who will elect his successor.

Benedict made the surprise announcement during his weekly general audience and said they would be elevated at a consistory on November 24.