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15 hopefuls slug it out for dream job - The Apprentice

the apprentice

TV3, 9pm The remaining 15 hopefuls slug it out for a chance to work with Bill Cullen, and land some much-needed money for their businesses.

This week they must create a compilation CD to showcase some of Ireland's most talented young artists, under the watchful eye of Jackie Lavin, pictured left.

the dark side

bnp: fraud exposed

BBC1, 8.30pm An inside report on the chilling racist policies of the British National Party.

It is alleged to have forged crucial financial documents to deceive EU authorities and the party is also believed to have hidden the identity of some of its key financial donors.

rustle it up

home cooking made easy

BBC2, 8.30pm Lorraine Pascale prepares some tried and tested tasties which won't break the budget.

On the menu are easy-to-cook canapes, plus there's also the lowdown on how to make the simplest of breads.

For more exotic tastes there's a how-to guide on preparing a one-pan paella.

the other side


BBC2, 9pm The genetic mystery of black and white parents who have twins of differing skin colour is explored. And five pairs of siblings -- with contrasting skin tones -- explain how this phenomenon has affected their personalities.