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10 tips to maintain that slim figure

Losing it is the easy bit, says Pat, now the real challenge begins as you have to make sure you keep practising all those good habits you adopted when you were busy losing weight...

1 Drink two litres of non sparkling water per day to hydrate.

2 Swap white carbs for brown carbs.

3 Read positive, feelgood books at bedtime to destress.

4 You've reached your target so it's time to set yourself a fresh goal -- this could be toning up, losing a few more pounds now that you know you can or just making sure that your favourite jeans always fit you.

5 Allow yourself to have a treat day once a week.

6 Reward yourself -- buy yourself a gift every so often for all the effort you are still putting into your regime to maintain your weight loss.

7 Keep up your three days of training per week and keep persisting with the light weights.

8 Keep walking twice a week -- four miles an hour.

9 Get the correct runners with proper gait analysis so that you are not susceptible to injuries

10 Have a picture of yourself at your very best, one taken since you transformed your figure and stick it on the fridge and on your bathroom mirror, too.