Lies claim in air bombing trial

The prosecution lawyer in the perjury trial for the only person convicted in the 1985 Air India bombing, which killed 329 people off the coast of Ireland, said the defendant lied repeatedly during his testimony at the trial of two men charged with mass murder.

Inderjit Singh Reyat is accused of lying during the trial of Ajaib Singh Bagri and Ripudaman Singh Malik.

They were acquitted in 2005 of the airline bombing charge.

Conviction for racial murder

A Latino gang member was convicted yesterday of first-degree murder in the racially motivated shooting death of a 14-year-old black girl and the stabbing death of a potential witness.

Prosecutors said defendant Jonathan Fajardo was a member of a Hispanic gang that targeted blacks.

Jurors will now be asked to recommend whether Fajardo (22) should be sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

NBA star 'hurt' by swastika

An Israeli professional basketball player said he felt hurt that someone would paint a swastika on a mural featuring his likeness.

Omri Casspi said that it was hurtful to think there are still people who do such a thing in 2010.

Casspi, who is Jewish, is the only NBA player born in Israel. He said the graffiti found in Sacramento was on the news in Israel and "everybody's talking about it".

Bizarre habits of job hunters

Jobseekers were ruining their chances of getting work by acting strangely during interviews, ranging from falling asleep, asking for a cigarette -- or keeping a crash helmet on, according to a report.

Some candidates talked about their love life, scratched the top of their legs or answered mobile phone calls midway through being questioned about a job, it was revealed.

A survey of 100 business leaders by jobs website found a long list of bizarre behaviour, or mistakes such as criticising previous employers or dressing inappropriately.