Court cases over debts rises by 81pc

COURT actions against private and commercial debtors have jumped by a massive 81pc compared to last year.

The figures identify that banks and lenders are actively pursuing those with outstanding debts into the courts.

Commercial and consumer debtors have had court judgments registered against them to the tune of €7.6m so far this week.

Although the numbers have dropped -- 97 judgments in total, down 46pc on the same period last year -- the total was an 81pc increase compared to 2011, according to latest figures.

And this week's 74/26 split between consumer and corporate judgments represents a shift from the 61/39 split in the same period last year.

According to Stubbs Gazette, Credit Unions chased 19 debtors for a significant €228,853.

The overall largest judgment was awarded to The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland, Dublin for €3,123,222.85 against an individual from Tullogher, Kilkenny.