Laura's expensive gift to her dad goes missing in the post

Adelina Campos

LAURA Whitmore has lashed out after an expensive present was apparently stolen in the post.

The Irish MTV presenter, who is based in London, was furious when a watch she bought for her father, businessman Sean McIvor, never made it to him.

"I register-posted my daddy a present of a new watch and someone stole it," the Bray native claimed.

"Postman arrived with empty envelope. Bad people," she revealed.

Laura, who turns 27 at the end of the week, is understood to have posted the present from the UK but her parcel arrived here empty.

"I have the best dad who works so hard for his family and that watch had significance. Hope karma bites them [the thieves] in the ass. It always does," she fumed.

Laura's dad and her mum Carmel Whitmore broke up when she was just three years old, but she is close to both of them.

"I think I got the best of both worlds because I had quality time with both," she said.

"So I probably did better than a lot of my friends who didn't see as much of their parents.

"With my other friends, I doubt they saw their dad as much because he was working. So when I had my dad for a weekend, I had him.

"He would bring me to concerts where other people's dads weren't doing that when they were younger."

The blonde bombshell lived with her mum, an ex-civil servant, during the week, in a two-bed flat in Bray.

She admitted that the experience was an inspiration.

"It was quite a positive household. My mum has worked all her life.

"She retired [this month]... She was a single working mother. I think I always had that mentality of you can do everything. You can have your kid. You can be a good mother. You can work. She was very independent."