Laser idiot deserves our contempt

Picture the scene. An emergency helicopter transfer of a sick newborn baby.

The dedicated personnel of the Irish Air Corps are flying through the night to get that tiny infant desperately needed care at a Dublin hospital.

Someone on the ground used a laser to target the helicopter cockpit, an act that could have temporarily blinded the pilot.

We could have been reporting on an air crash tragedy today.

It is due to the professionalism of and skill of the Air Corps personnel on board that we are not.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would put those lives at risk by using a laser light in this way.

And it beggars belief that this is not the first instance of this dangerous and irresponsible action recorded by the Defence Forces. The airmen that got that baby safely to hospital deserve our respect and admiration.

The laser- wielding idiot is worthy only of contempt.