Key DNA result due in Sophie killer hunt

Ralph Riegel

FRENCH police will have the preliminary results of key forensic and DNA tests in the Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder probe within a fortnight.

French officials are "very pleased" with progress in their landmark investigation as it emerged detectives spent over seven hours quizzing Jules Thomas, the partner of former British freelance journalist Ian Bailey, the man the Paris authorities want to extradite.

The Supreme Court will rule next month on a French bid to extradite Mr Bailey for trial next year over the 1996 killing.


Mr Bailey -- who has consistently protested his innocence -- has vowed to fight extradition to the European Court of Justice if necessary.

Ms Thomas -- a Welsh artist who has been Mr Bailey's partner for almost 20 years -- has repeatedly insisted that the Paris authorities are pursuing the wrong person.

The Herald has learned that two Paris detectives interviewed Ms Thomas in west Cork for over seven hours.

The interview -- which was agreed to by Ms Thomas -- was one of 31 witness meetings arranged by the French team during their stay in Ireland.