Keane: The football establishment - managers and media - are "frightened to death" of Ferguson

Roy Keane and Roddy Doyle

By Paul Hyland

ROY Keane believes that a big chunk of the football establishment - managers and media - are "frightened to death" of Alex Ferguson.

Speaking at the official launch of his leaked book 'The Second Half', Keane was in no humour to back away from a confrontation with his old boss.

"You have to defend yourself. A lot of people are sitting around here and people are frightened of him," he said referring to journalists present.

"You can't go against him because you'll never be allowed speak to him again but, thank God, I don't have them problems. Why do people let him get away with that? People sit back and are frightened to death of him.

"I think a lot of managers would probably be intimidated by him, probably bow to him. I think a lot of managers are heavily influenced by him, of course. I think (Roberto) Martinez reckons he was misquoted a few years ago that Ferguson had his disciples. He obviosuly does.

"He was never critical when we were winning trophies and he was getting his new contracts, getting this after him… Sir this.

"He was not pulling me or other players, saying 'listen, you need to relax a bit'. That was the game and I appreciate the game. The game finished but it was all the carry-on afterwards."